Work Culture & Facilities

There are many things that make rtCamp a unique place for you to pursue a career.

Covering them all here will take away the surprise element for those who become members of the vibrant rtFamily! 😉

Still, to make outsiders a little jealous we are putting a few amazing facts about rtCamp’s work culture & facilities! 😛

Best Industry Talents

We believe in Steve Jobs’ philosophy of ‘Type A’s like to work with Type A team’ and you will find only ‘Team A’ in rtCamp.

We also love FOSS projects and many rtCampers are core contributors to WordPress and BuddyPress projects. They have delivered many famous open-source projects e.g. EasyEngine.

Round Table Culture

Letters “rt” in rtCamp’s name mean Round Table. A Round Table culture believes in equal status and flat hierarchy!

You can convey your ideas and suggestions to anyone at anytime. Every rtCamper is available all the time for other members of rtFamily.


We encourage rtCampers to contribute to various open source initiatives, to speak at and attend conferences. All rtCampers get free tickets, travel and other reimbursement to various WordCamps and other events.

rtCampers always get credit for their work in open-source projects they contribute towards.

TGIF Meets

We organize monthly internal meetups. Here rtCampers talk about various topics, can even raise complaints, pass on suggestions to improve rtCamp. These events are not technical in nature. But goal is to get everybody talking. We have found many hidden bloggers and artists at such meets.

No Dress Code

We love Google, and we agree to their philosophy that “You can be serious without a suit”. So there is no restriction on dress code from our side.

You can come to office wearing 3/4th pants. Still, if you like to dress smartly, we don’t mind.


We allow and encourage you to bring your own devices at workplace. Be it a tablet, a laptop or a smartphone, no one will bother you about bringing and using your own devices. And if you want to avail the laptop/PC from rtCamp, we are more than happy to help.

So you like rtCamp, huh? Nice! You can apply here! 🙂

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