Refer-a-Friend Program

Refer-a-Friend Program

Earn ₹ 1,00,000 for every successful referral + karma 😇 + ❤️

We Need You! 🤗

rtCamp is growing fast and we need your help! We are looking for amazing folks to join our rtFamily!

If you know anyone who would love our work culture and appreciate our good karma, you can help us.

Just help those amazing folks find the amazing growth opportunities await them at rtCamp!

Sounds great! How do I start?


1. Create an account here and log into your referral dashboard


2. Use your referral link to send your friend to this site


3. Get rewarded for every successful referral!

Have Questions?

About the Referral Program

Can I refer only my friends?

No, you can refer us to anyone in your network. We leave it to your best judgement to refer only to people who might be interested.

Nobody likes impersonal spam, so be mindful when sharing!

We would suggest that you check that the candidate meets the following criteria to give them the best possible chance of getting hired:

  • S/he is passionate about his/her area of expertise and willing to think outside of the box

  • S/he is looking for a new adventure, to learn new things and do some great work

What promotional channels are allowed?

You are free to spread the word via any communication channel that you see fit! And we mean any communication channel.

Want to spread it via your blog? Go for it! To your thousands of followers on social media? No problem! Want to put out a newspaper add with your referral URL? Unconventional, but we are not judging you. 
As far as you are not resorting to spamming people, we are completely cool with you promoting the program in any way you can think of. 

We only ask that you make sure that you use your Affiliate URL on every channel that you plan to share through. This is most critical because this is the only way that we can track who referred any candidate. 

By the way, your rtCamp account has a “Creatives” tab that contains resources that you might find useful! 

What happens if multiple affiliates refer the same person?

If multiple affiliates refer the same person, the payout will go to the affiliate who last referred the candidate and not the first. This is set up with the assumption that the last affiliate went out of their way to help the candidate apply for a great job.

There's more to referrals than just sharing links. Most successful referrals require at least some amount of planning on the affiliate's part. We want to reward people who genuinely take the trouble of spreading the word.

We are a recruitment agency. Can we participate?

You are welcome to participate. However, we will expect you to refrain from spamming or any unethical practices to boost your chances.

You will also have an option to have reward payouts to be credited to your agency’s name.

About our Hiring Process

Can I refer a fresher/dropout?

Absolutely! We look for passion and skills above a degree.

Prior experience and higher educational skills can certainly help a candidate crack our interview process, but that is not a compulsion by any means.

As a matter of fact, some the most successful rtCampers are college dropouts!

Which job openings can I refer for?

Any job opening you see on our homepage!

In fact, if you think your friend can make an impact at rtCamp in a way that we haven’t anticipated yet, tell us about him/her via email at Make sure you use the email address linked to your referral account, so that we can credit the referral to you.

How do I know if rtCamp is hiring?

rtCamp is always hiring. So never think twice about referring a friend- both of you stand to benefit!


How many openings does rtCamp have?

No such limit. The rate at which we are growing, it doesn’t look like we will hit limits anytime soon. 🤞

Earn ₹ 1,00,000 for every successful referral

+ karma 😇 + ❤️