QA Engineer (Automation Testing)

This opening is mainly for website’s and web application’s quality assurance testing work. We use premium tools & services to make our testing team’s job easy & efficient.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Manual Testing and Automated Testing on WordPress
  • Responsible for the quality of developers work
  • Handling support-requests
  • Project documentation
  • Coordinating with the team and fixing the bugs

Eligibility Criteria

  • Strong knowledge of testing methodologies.
  • Working knowledge of Codeception PHP Testing Framework.
  • Ability to write and execute test cases and review peers test cases.
  • Well versed with any Test Management Tool.
  • Develop and maintain test automation.
  • Minimum knowledge of any continuous integration tools.
  • Communicate status effectively to management.
  • Strong English communication skills.
  • Flexible, adaptable, and willing to learn new technologies.
  • You must have knowledge of HTML, CSS and Firebug for Mozilla Firefox.

Optional, but good to have:

  • Knowledge of Behat – PHP Testing Framework.

Application Process

  1. Click here to check the assignment.
  2. Complete the assignment
  3. Fill up the Job Application Form
  4. Paste the assignment link in Assignment Link Box in the form and the Documentation Process link in the Documentation Process Box.
  5. Once the Job Application form is submitted we will review your assignment.
  6. Once we check your code, we may send you some minor enhancements/tasks to your codes to check your skills further.
  7. If you have any questions, doubts, etc. please email (our HR team).

Note: Currently we are hiring only candidates to work from our Pune office. Remote working option is not available.

Links: FAQ’s | Work Culture | Assignment

Application Form – QA Engineer (Automation Testing)

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  • Let us know the best time and days to give you a call in case we need to conduct a telephonic interview.
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    Manual Testing
    Selenium IDE
    Node.js based Automated Testing
    Codeception Automated Testing
    Please rate yourself responsibly as these are used to judge your job application and also will be referred to in later rounds