Project Coordinator / Manager

This position is apt for a self-motivated, highly goal-oriented. Someone who establish objectives for themselves and their team.

If you are someone who keeps their mind on the tasks at hand and is committed to getting results then rtCamp will be the perfect place for you.

You will be responsible for everything related to the project you will manage. You will also handle all teams working on a project you manage. Since projects involve clients, you will constantly interact with clients.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Many of our projects heavily involve WordPress. So you must know WordPress at least from a user’s perspective. If you have developed on WordPress, that will be a big plus!
  • You must have managed a product or a complex project before. If it’s a WordPress-based, then that will be considered as a plus.
  • You must be familiar with project management tools. If you have used activeCollab or Github, it will be considered as a plus.
  • You must be familiar with git or concept of version control.
  • You must be familiar with testing, quality-assurance, deployment and build systems.
  • You must be familiar with documentation and support system. Customer support is #1 priority.
  • You must be familiar basic HTML/CSS, mobile websites and modern web-development jargon.

Experience Required

  • Minimum 3-5 years of increasingly responsible experience.
  • Must have successfully managed various long term projects.
  • Should have displayed an outstanding grasp of information technology concepts and processes.
  • Should have demonstrated an aptitude for effective leadership of staff.


Create a Google Doc and write-up answers to questions mentioned in the assignment. We will use collaboration features of Google Docs for Q&A (make sure to give us “Edit” access).

Then share the Google Doc link with us using the Application form.

Based on your assignment we will call you for the second round of interviews.

Links : FAQ’s | Work Culture | Assignment

Application Form - Project Coordinator/Manager

  • Personal Details

  • Professional Details

  • Online Presence

  • Any other online links that will help us understand your expertise and skills.
  • Assignment

  • Interview Starters

  • Please select a language of your preference for further rounds of interview.
  • This helps us learn about your thought process better. So make sure your replies are not stock replies or one-line answers.
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    Knowledge of WordPress
    Soft Skills
    Critical thinking
    Problem solving skills
    Decision making skills
    Please rate yourself responsibly as these are used to judge your job application and also will be referred to in later rounds