React Engineer

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React Engineer

Job description

We are looking for a React developer who is comfortable working with WordPress as a backend. You are not required to code in PHP a lot, but we expect some familiarity with WordPress. Especially, if you can build a custom Gutenberg block that would be the icing on the cake!


  • Developing a well structured front end application using React.js and CSS. CSS is a must.
  • Create reusable React Components for internal use and public distribution. (We love sharing our code #foss.)
  • Writing optimized code for best performance on web and mobile devices.
  • Working with the backend team to finalize REST API endpoints or GraphQL schema.

Job requirements

Must Haves

  • Proficient in core JavaScript (ES6/ESNext) and CSS.
  • Familiarity with common React workflows such as Redux.
  • Understanding of Isomorphic applications and SSR.
  • Knowledge of user authentication techniques such as JSON Web Tokens.
  • Knowledge of React frameworks such as Gatsby and NextJS.
  • Should have experience with front-end development tools like Webpack, Babel, and NPM.
  • Experience in building blocks for the WordPress' Gutenberg block editor.

Good to have

  • Some knowledge of PHP 
  • Some experience using WordPress as a backend.
  • Comfortable with GraphQL
  • Remote ready! Our clients and team are both remote.