Laravel Engineer

Finally an opportunity for all web artisans who love beautiful code, Laravel and command line tools!

Role & Responsibilities

rtCamp uses Laravel for internal products only. So there won’t be any client projects. You would be mainly working on:

If you are good with Composer and Artisan, you are more than welcome to contribute to EasyEngine’s CLI version.

Eligibility Criteria

Good understanding of:

  • Core PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Laravel concepts like Routing, Views and Controllers.
  • Artisan (CLI), Eloquent ORM and fluent query builder.
  • Composer package manager.
  • Websockets – EasyEngine web version will have some real-time components
  • Job Queue, microservices and distributed architecture.

Optional, but good to have:

  • Blade templates, Elixir, HTTP Middleware, and Laravel Echo.
  • Amazon AWS
  • Job Queue
  • Command Line PHP scripting

Application Process

  1. Select the best example of code you have written in the past.
    Open the assignment listed here and complete it.
  2. Fill up the Job Application Form
  3. Paste the link to the assignment demo and code or the repository where your best code is in the Assignment & Code section of the form.
  4. Once the Job Application form is submitted, we will review your code.
  5. We may send you some minor enhancements/tasks to your code to evaluate your skills further.
  6. If you have any questions, doubts, etc., please email (our HR team).

Note: Currently we are hiring only candidates to work from our Pune office. The remote working option is not available.

Links : FAQ’s | Work Culture | Assignment

Application Form – Laravel Engineer