WordPress Engineer

Remote$14,400/year - $28,800/year

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This role will require you to solve complex engineering challenges for large enterprises across the globe using WordPress.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Deliver secure, scalable, and easy-to-maintain WordPress solutions using engineering best practices and relevant coding standards.
  2. Write test cases for all the code you develop.
  3. Write and maintain technical project documentation including inline code commenting, Git repo readme, and clear commit messages.
  4. Respect timelines and communicate progress proactively. We are a remote team, so proactive communication is very important.
  5. Help other engineers on the team through code reviews, and other peer reviews.

Must Haves

  1. In-depth WordPress engineering experience with high-quality outcomes.
  2. A decent understanding of HTML, CSS, and plain JavaScript.
  3. Good understanding of computer science fundamentals.
  4. Comfortable with git-based development and deployment workflow.

Good to Have

Some experience with the following:

  1. WordPress VIP platform
  2. Gutenberg block development 
  3. WordPress REST API/GraphQL

Note: On selection, your job title within the organization will be Software Engineer

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