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Pune, India₹12,00,000/year - ₹18,00,000/year

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As a content writer, you will be a key contributor to the content published on our site, including blogs, landing pages, monthly roundup, newsletters, case studies, product releases, socials, etc.

Since rtCamp is an engineering-focused agency, we would prefer you are technically well versed with the web, and preferably WordPress/Drupal. As a Sr Technical Content Writer, you will be expected to bring richer experience, strategic thought and the ability to deliver excellent written pieces from first week.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Working with our project delivery and sales teams to deeply understand our business, capture success stories and turn them into engaging press releases/blog posts and case studies.
  2. Create helpful resources for prospective clients by capturing our expertise from engineering teams and writing about it.
  3. Churn out blogs, case studies and landing pages as per our publishing calendar, in tandem with SEO teams. Write content that achieves our SEO goals. 
  4. Shipping a monthly newsletter that captures rtCamp’s work along with news and insights from the WordPress and larger tech ecosystem.
  5. Understand the performance of different pieces of content with our analytics team and make changes to improve conversion.
  6. Ensure that a delicate balance is maintained between human experience and search engine optimization during content creation.

Must Haves

  1. A blog of your own or a published body of client facing content related to tech - case studies, resources, landing pages.
  2. Ability to ask the right questions to our tech team, understand the solutions implemented, and convey the business benefits delivered to our clients. Ability to ingest the information and bring out the project delivery narrative through your writing.
  3. Ability to consistently create short, medium, and long-form content without major grammatical or punctuation errors. We won’t judge you if you, like us, bow to our robot overlords and use tools like Grammarly/ChatGPT.
  4. Ability to conduct research and bring out incisive insights relevant to a particular client segment or industry.

Good to Have

  1. Understanding/previous experience of the enterprise WordPress/Drupal ecosystem – what kind of web solutions do enterprises need, how WordPress/Drupal solves for it, what the clients require, key players, etc. 
  2. Familiarity with web publishing in general and different ways people/companies earn a livelihood on the web.
  3. Having worked with a WordPress agency in Sales, PM or Marketing roles.
  4. Having written landing pages for marketing (with samples) will be a plus.

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