If eligibility is not a criterion, why am I needed to upload my resume? 

We look for details on your previous work, your skills, and passions in the resume. We completely ignore your degree/college details.

Also, in past, when we did not have resume field, we got many questions asking how to upload resume!


Application Process

How does the interview process go?

  • Round 1: Code Review
  • Round 2: Modifications/Enhancements in the code
  • Round 3: Personal Interview

If I get rejected, when can I apply again?

If we do not hire someone, we internally believed they might need a minimum of 6 months to improve on skills. Hence, rtCamp has a cooling period of 6 months to apply again.

How long application process takes?

It can take anywhere from 2 days to 30 days. In rare cases, it took more than 30 days.

When can I expect the first reply?

We try our best to screen all applications within 2 working days only. In rare circumstance, it can take up 5 working days (1 calendar weeks).

What if I don't hear back for 1 weeks?

You may assume that your application did not make it through.

Unfortunately, our current application tracking software does not send any emails for rejected applications.

May I know why I was rejected?

rtCamp receives many applications and it is impossible for our HR team to give feedback to every applicant.

If you are still interested, please reply to the acknowledgment eMail you receive from our system. Every job application gets an automated mail which includes unique application id.

Job Openings

How do I know if you are hiring for an opening?

If it's listed on https://careers.rtcamp.com/ then you can apply for it.

What to do if opening I am looking for is not listed?

For technical openings, it will most likely mean we do not have an opening for your skills. For other skills, you may write to [email protected] and inquire about it directly.

I do not see if a job opening is for senior/junior position?

We do not have different openings for senior/junior positions. We have a common application form for a particular opening.

Based on your application, resume, relevant experience, expected salary, we can decide about senior/junior position during the interview process (if you get selected).


Do you have any deduction?

There could be deductions as part as part of statutory compliances on behalf of Government.

  • For regular, full-time employees, we deduct professional tax, TDS (if applicable),  provident fund.
  • For contractors and resident of India, we deduct 10% TDS. Form 16 will be issued for same at year-end so you can offset it during your income tax returns.
  • For contractors but not a resident of India, the actual tax-related deduction will be governed by the business treaty between your country and India.

Do you offer transport facility?

Sorry. We do not offer transport facility or reimbursement for it. You need to make your own arrangements.

We only offer flexible timing.  So that you can come to work at a time which makes it convenient for you.

How is the appraisal cycle done?

We have a yearly appraisal cycle totally based on your performance. In some circumstances, we give an interim raise when people perform way above our expectations.


What are my week offs?

We have fixed Saturday’s and Sunday’s Off.

What are other holidays?

rtCamp has 4 common holidays: 26 January 1 May, 15 August and 2 October.

How many paid leaves every rtCamper receives?

There are 17 paid leaves and 4 emergency leaves.

All the leaves are credited at the beginning of the calendar year.

What certifications or minimum qualifications are needed?

We believe in what you bring to rtCamp rather than grades, degrees or certificate.

I have a question which is not listed here. What do I do now?

Just send a mail to [email protected] and we will answer all your queries.

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