If you have directly landed here, and have questions about this whole “assignment” thing, you may read this first!

Now that you are settled, the purpose of this assignment is to check if you can write quality React codes that meet our expectations.

Assignment Alternatives

If you have existing work samples to show and you missed on submitting them during the application process, you can still submit them by replying to the email you receive upon your application.


  1. React source repo ➞ If you have already worked on some complex React projects in the past, please send us a public source code repo link.

Not Acceptable

  1. Sending links to public sites! It doesn’t tell us anything about your code quality or if you have followed the coding standard or written test cases.
  2. Sending zip files either as an attachment or via dropbox or some public link. Zip files do not give us visibility into your commit history over the time which tells a lot about your thought process when building stuff.

Sample Challenges for Assignment

Since you are reading this, we are assuming that you would like to proceed building something for fun and for the application purpose.

You need to complete the React App for WordCamp assignment below:

React App for WordCamp Schedule Viewer

Problem Statement

Please create a React App which fetches data using WP REST API using WordCamp Central site. The lack of links to WP REST API documentation is on purpose. You should be able to find your way to documentation and a bit of how WordPress works (hint: custom post type).

Regarding functionality of your app, display upcoming and past WordCamps in:

  1. calendar view. Something like Google Calendar.
  2. (optional) map view. You may need to use another API for maps. You can ignore this feature if you are short on the time.

Your app will be view only as there is no write operation.

For design as in UI/UX, be imaginative.

For CSS feel free to use frameworks.

Submission Guidelines
  1. Write test cases using JEST or Enzyme. Your code should have min 60% test coverage.
  2. You should set up the project from scratch and not use any toolchain, including create-react-app.
  3. Source Code Hosting ➞ You must use Github (recommended) or Gitlab for source code hosting.
  4. App Hosting for demo ➞ As your app work doesn’t have any server-side component development — besides WordCamp site which is already publicly hosted — you should be able to use Github pages. You can even try Vercel or any other hosting of your choice.

Have Questions?

We request you to read FAQ here.