If you have directly landed here, and have questions about this whole “assignment” thing, you may read this first.

Now you are settled, please find details for the “Frappe/ERPNext Engineer” assignment below.


We want to create a recruitment app for an organisation for campus (college) hiring.

User – Student

  1. A student will sign up to the ERP.
  2. After logging in:
    • They will fill up their information such as – Name, Email, Resume, Contact Number, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, and CGPA.
    • They should be able to see all the Job Openings.
    • They should be able to apply for one or multiple jobs.
    • They should be able to edit their information such as Name, Contact Number etc.

User – HR

  1. HR should be able to do CRUD operations on the student data, Job Opening and Job Applicant.
  2. HR should be able to create bulk interviews. I.e. Selecting multiple the Job Applicants, click on Actions and then select Schedule Interview option from the Action List.

Implementation Notes

  1. Additional data of the candidates should get stored in a new DocType Candidate.
  2. Bulk interview scheduling should be done using background jobs.
  3. You can only use Apps listed on Frappeverse page.
  4. Directory structure of the App should be aligned with Apps from Frappeverse.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Go to this link and create a repository on GitHub. You will be hosting your code on this repository.
  2. Make sure you follow all the best practices from Python and Frappe eco-system.
  3. Write a README that includes installation steps, diagrams (if any), and other details.
  4. Provide a short video demo in the README for the App that you have built.

Have Questions?

We request you to read FAQ here.