If you have directly landed here, and have questions about the “assignment” process, you may read this first.

Now that you are settled, please find details for the “Executive Assistant” assignment below.


Please go through past tweets on our CEO’s Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/rahul286/.

You may screen tweets dating up to a year or two back in time. If you would like, feel free to go further back in time.

Based on your research, you need to write a report (Google Docs) or create a slide using (Google Slides). It will have two parts:

A. Plan a business trip

  1. Anticipate 2–3 countries he will be traveling to in the next 12 months based on past travel trends.
  2. For one of the above countries, prepare a detailed travel plan that includes anticipated fly-in/out dates, flights, hotel, ground transportation, rough budget, and any events and meetings we can plan. You may want to know Rahul lives in Pune, India (and holds an Indian passport).
  3. Please write a line explaining the reason for each recommendation. e.g., why did you pick the hotel you are recommending? Why did you pick a certain fly-in/out date?
  4. Based on past data, do you think Rahul should be accompanied by any of his coworkers? If yes, give them their names (or Twitter handles). What is the basis for your recommendation?

B. Helping with non-travel events

Based on past tweets, do you think there is any other non-travel-related event/incident where you could have stepped in?

Please share the tweet for context and explain why & how you would have stepped in.

Submission Guideline

Please use Google Docs to create your assignment. During assignment, please make sure:

  1. You do not make English mistakes. It’s ok to use a spell checker and other tools.
  2. In Google Docs, you use proper headings, outlines, tables, and any other formattings. The document should also look good visually and should be easy to skim through.
  3. Be mindful of length and detailing. Have a mindset of summarizing things and making recommendations, rather than leaving everything open-ended.


When sharing, please ensure that you grant at least “Commenter” access to “Anyone with the link”.

Thereafter, you can "Copy the link" to your Google Docs and paste the link in your reply to the HR team’s communication.

Please note that if you share a link without updating the sharing setting, your application will be rejected for the lack of attention to details and inability to follow clearly given instructions.