If you have directly landed here, and have questions about this whole “assignment” thing, you may read this first.

Now you are settled, please find details for the “Digital Marketing” assignment below.


Please research “Enterprise WordPress” landscape focusing on:

  1. What does Enterprise WordPress mean? How is it different from “normal” WordPress?
  2. Who are the competitors? What are their pros and cons compared to WordPress?
  3. Which agencies are involved in the enterprise space?
  4. How rtCamp can stand out for customers looking for “Enterprise WordPress”?

The above points are just guidelines. Please feel free to explore more and add anything you feel will add value to the user.

Based on your research, please create a presentation that outlines your understanding and plan to generate leads from customers looking for “Enterprise WordPress”.

Submission Guideline

Please use Google Slides to create your assignment.

When sharing, please ensure that you grant at least “Commenter” access to “Anyone with the link”.

After that, you can “Copy link” to your Google Doc and paste the link in your reply to the HR team’s communication.

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Please use correct Google Slide sharing settings as shown above