Create a command-line script, preferably in Bash, PHP, Node, or Python to perform the following tasks:

  1. Check if docker and docker-compose is installed on the system. If not present, install the missing packages.
  2. The script should be able to create a WordPress site using the latest WordPress Version. Please provide a way for the user to provide the site name as a command-line argument.
  3. It must be a LEMP stack running inside containers (Docker) and a docker-compose file is a must.
  4. Create a /etc/hosts entry for pointing to localhost. Here we are assuming the user has provided as the site name.
  5. Prompt the user to open in a browser if all goes well and the site is up and healthy.
  6. Add another subcommand to enable/disable the site (stopping/starting the containers)
  7. Add one more subcommand to delete the site (deleting containers and local files).

Submission Guidelines

  1. CLIG Guidelines ➞ Please follow Command Line Interface Guidelines.
  2. Source Code Hosting ➞ You must use GitHub (recommended) or GitLab for source code hosting.
  3. ➞ Your must have a very well written readme describing how to install your script, how to run different command & sub-commands in markdown format.