If you have directly landed here, and have questions about this whole “assignment” thing, you may read this first.

Now you are settled, please find details for the “Creative Head” assignment below.


Create UX for the careers section of an IT service Agency: 

  1. Two sections for Campus program and Lateral Hiring. Feel free to name the two sections differently. 
  2. Ideally, the UX should show only campus positions to campus folks and non-campus positions to lateral hire applicants. We want to avoid campus candidates applying for lateral positions. 
  3. In each section, show Job Listings – reflecting seniority, location, salary range, core skills, etc. 

Once applied, the applicant should be able to see the dashboard after logging in: 

The Applicant Dashboard should handle the following:

  1. Status of application
  2. Submitted form with details
  3. Chances of getting shortlisted(This is being calculated by the algorithm)
  4. Dynamic Interview Process – give an estimate of when they might get interviewed.(Again, calculated by algorithm) 
  5. Alerts section for important updates from the Recruitment team. Students should not be able to reply thank you, etc. as it creates noise. 
  6. Option to take back the application at any point. 

We are aware that the brief and scope may be slightly large for a hiring assignment. Please feel free to skip parts of it as per your judgement. However, we will be keen to know why you skipped certain parts. And we would love to know your thought process for what you decide to execute in the assignment.